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Benton Baker IV is a dedicated trial attorney with exceptional trial experience. Mr. Baker graduated Indiana University in 1990, with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He obtained his law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1998.

During college, Mr. Baker was a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, and he participated in the Army R.O.T.C. program and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in May 1990.  Prior to becoming a member of the bar,  Mr. Baker served in the United States Army as an Infantry Rifle Platoon leader.  His desire to further protect and defend the Constitution led him to the challenges and rigors of law school.

After more than a decade of practicing law, Mr. Baker has handled thousands of criminal cases at both the pre-trial and trial stage. In addition to criminal defense, Mr. Baker has litigated to juries both civil and domestic cases across Southeast Texas .  Recently Mr. Baker stated, “When it comes to being an advocate for my clients I will step into any venue, anytime”.

Defending juvenile clients accused of crimes is a special part of Mr. Baker’s practice.  The Texas Family Code offers rights and protections not afforded to adults accused of the same offenses.


As juvenile prosecutions increase and the growth in the criminalization of childhood conduct occur, there is a great need for knowledgeable attorneys to represent and protect accused children.


Over his career, Mr. Baker has continued his legal education and training.  Maintaining a cutting-edge knowledge of the law and the changes that the Legislature presents to the Governor, Mr. Baker regularly attends State approved Continuing Legal Education courses throughout the United States.  Mr. Baker has trained with Gerry Spence at the Trial Lawyer’s College and applies their doctrine that there is a compelling, winning story with every case.

Mr. Baker was admitted to practice in Federal Court- Southern District of Texas  in 2000. Mr. Baker is also a member of the Montgomery County Bar Association, Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association.

BBaker031021 - 1 (5).jpg

“The study and practice of law is a profession, a vocation; it is more than just a job.  To have a client is to hold a sacred trust”. 
-Benton Baker IV


Mr. Baker has served as the President of the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar Association (2006-2007), the Vice President of the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar Association (2005), and the Treasurer of the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Bar Association (2003-2005).  Mr. Baker has also served as the Presiding Officer of the Montgomery County Bail Bond Board (2003-2010).  Mr. Baker is also a Lifetime Member of the Friends of Conroe.

Legal Disclaimer


Please be advised that any information found on this website does not constitute legal advice.  Rather, the material contained herein should be taken as informational content only. Information contained herein should not be used by anyone, to determine whether legal actions should or should not be pursued. Attorney Benton Baker maintains that clients and potential clients seek professional legal advice pertaining to their particular case before taking any legal action.  The information found herein is not and shall not be used as a substitute for specific advice in any specific legal matter. Be advised that the laws surrounding an issue may have changed since the publishing of this information.  Being so, the content found on this website may not be current, and an internet survey is not a substitute for meeting with an attorney. Therefore, any actions taken based on the content of this website is not the responsibility of Attorney Benton Baker, whom disclaims all liability in such matters.


Due to the advanced and prolific methods of hacking and cyber espionage any information transmitted from this website or through email to Attorney Benton Baker may not be done in a secure manner, and should not be treated as a confidential communication. Despite this societal reality, Attorney Benton Baker will make every reasonable effort to secure and maintain the security of your communication.  Please be aware that sending information to Attorney Benton Baker does not imply that there is an attorney-client relationship formed. Communicating with Attorney Benton Baker via email shall not imply an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and any recipients.  Attorney Benton Baker requires the formalities of a retainer and a signed written agreement prior to assuming the duties and responsibilities of any legal matter.


Contained within the information found on Attorney Benton Baker’s website are various links that could lead to third party websites. These links are provided by Attorney Bento Baker for information purposes only.  Therefore, the information found on these third party websites is in no way connected to Attorney Benton Baker. Please be advised that these links do not imply an endorsement of the third party website.


The information herein should be taken “AS IS.”  Therefore, no warranties are offered on this website.  Laws and rules of ethics vary from state to state, and the information found in this website may not comply with the laws and rules in some states. Those viewing this website and desiring representation in a state where this information does not comply with such laws may not be represented by Attorney Benton Baker.  


Distributing, reproducing, retransmitting, and republishing any of the material found on Attorney Benton Baker’s website may only be allowed if a person has requested and received written permission to do so directly from Attorney Benton Baker.


Mr. Baker is not Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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